What appliances are used in tiny homes?

Tiny homes are growing in popularity, particularly among cities that are experiencing a housing crisis. But what appliances are typically included in these miniature homes? From efficient refrigerators to small-scale laundry machines, find out what appliances can usually be seen in tiny houses.
What appliances are used in tiny homes?

Types of Appliances

When it comes to tiny homes, space is at a premium, and that means you will have to carefully select your appliances. Luckily though, there are plenty of options available to help you live comfortably while making the most out of your limited space. Here are some of the most commonly-used appliances you’ll want to consider for your tiny home:

Compact Refrigerator: Unlike traditional refrigerators, compact refrigerators are designed to take up as little space as possible while still providing ample storage capacity. Some models can even be tucked away under counters or in nooks to maximize space. For example, the Midea WHD-113FSS1 compact refrigerator has a slim design that can fit perfectly in any small kitchen.

Induction Cooker: Induction cookers are the perfect appliance for tiny homes since they’re portable, easy-to-use, and take up very little space. They work by heating magnetic cookware directly instead of heating the element itself, which makes them much more efficient than traditional electric stovetops. An excellent induction cooker is the Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop, which is small yet powerful enough to cook anything from stir-fries to soups.

Combo washer-dryer: If you’re looking for an appliance that can save you both space and money, a combo washer-dryer may be your best bet. These two-in-one units are perfect for tiny homes as they take up half the space of a separate washer and dryer while still doing an excellent job of cleaning and drying clothes. The LG WM3499HVA combo unit is an excellent choice and can wash and dry up to 12 lbs of laundry in one cycle!

Whether you’re living in a tiny home or simply looking to downsize, these appliances will make your life easier and more comfortable without taking up too much space. When selecting appliances for your tiny home, focus on function and efficiency, so you can make the most of your limited space.

Common Tiny Home Appliances

When it comes to tiny homes, space is at a premium. So, the appliances needed inside are usually smaller than their counterparts of traditional homes. Refrigerators are still essential, but rather than those that tower over you, tiny home kitchens typically use under-the-counter models. These compact fridges are perfect for a small family or a couple who don’t stock up on groceries all at once. You can easily find models like the GE GCE06GSHSB or the Marvel MO24RAS1LS that fit snugly under a counter while providing all the qualities of a full-sized refrigerator.

Another common appliance used in tiny homes is the induction cooktop. Most induction cooktops only require a small amount of space, and they don’t use traditional gas burners or heating coils. They cook with a magnetic field, providing heat without generating open flames or red-hot surfaces. They are efficient and safe to use, making them a popular choice in compact kitchens. Two of the best options are the True Induction S2F3 and the Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop.

When it comes to tiny home appliances like refrigerators and cooktops, there are options that work well with the limited space available. From compact fridges to induction cooktops, there are numerous options to accommodate your tiny home. To make the most of what little space is available, it is recommended to invest in high-quality, space-efficient appliances that are intentionally designed for tiny homes.

Benefits of Tiny Home Appliances

When it comes to tiny homes, space is a premium commodity. And so, it’s vital to carefully consider the appliances you install in your tiny abode. Fortunately, many appliances are designed with space-saving in mind, and they offer numerous advantages to tiny home dwellers. Here are some of the :

  • Eco-friendly: Many of the compact appliances are energy-efficient, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility bills.
  • Multi-functional: Most tiny home appliances have dual or multiple functions. For instance, a combination of microwave-oven and refrigerator. Such devices save space and offer convenience.
  • Cost-effective: Appliances that are smaller in size tend to have lower price tags compared to their larger counterparts. Plus, they consume less energy and water, thus saving on costs in the long run.
  • Customizable: Designers and manufacturers understand the unique needs of tiny home living. As such, tiny appliances can come in various hues, shapes, and sizes to match the aesthetics of your tiny house.

Small appliances can also help enhance your living experience. For instance, a compact washer-dryer combo not only fits perfectly in tiny spaces but also makes laundry day more manageable. An induction cooktop saves on space while reducing heat loss and ensuring more precise temperature control than traditional stovetops. There’s also the convenience of having an air conditioner that doubles up as a heater, a dehumidifier, and an air purifier. These are just a few examples of how tiny home appliances add value and efficiency to your living space. By selecting the right appliances, you can make the most out of your tiny home while enjoying a comfortable and functional lifestyle.

Space-Saving Alternatives

In a tiny home, every inch of space matters. That’s why it’s important to consider when it comes to choosing appliances. Instead of traditional full-size appliances, there are many options available that can help you optimize your design without sacrificing functionality.

For example, a compact dishwasher can be a game-changer in a tiny home. These appliances are typically only 18 inches wide but still offer convenient features like multiple wash settings and a built-in delay timer. Another great space-saving alternative is a combination washer and dryer unit. These appliances allow you to wash and dry your clothes without the need for separate machines, saving valuable floor space. And, they often have a smaller capacity, which encourages you to be more mindful of your laundry habits and avoid excess clutter.

When it comes to cooking, a countertop convection oven is a fantastic option for tiny homes. These appliances are much smaller than traditional ovens but still offer powerful heating capabilities and multiple cooking functions. Plus, they often come with a special rotisserie feature or a built-in air fryer, making them a versatile addition to any tiny kitchen. And, for those who still want the convenience of a traditional range, a compact range with a cooktop and oven in one unit can fit perfectly in a tiny kitchen. These ranges often come in slim widths, typically 20 inches, and can be a great option for those who are limited on space.

Overall, there are many when it comes to choosing appliances for your tiny home. Whether you opt for a compact dishwasher, combination washer and dryer, countertop convection oven, or compact range, there are many ways to make the most of your limited space without sacrificing convenience and functionality. By choosing thoughtful alternatives and being mindful of the space you have, you can create a home that is both cozy and practical. Living tiny doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your creature comforts. With a bit of resourcefulness and shopping savvy, savvy tiny homeowners can find the appliances necessary for a convenient and comfortable way of life that’s just the right size for them.

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